The 4 steps to success by – Avi

The 4 steps to success by – Avi

Let’s just dive right in:

1. Defining success
2. Step one – Always Do Good
3. Step two – Love, Patience and Humility
4. Step three – Plan with Purpose
5. Step four – Just Do

Definition of success

There are so many definitions of success available; one must just look for one that fits them. There are dictionary definitions to management gurus defining it, from the newspaper definition to the internet defining it.

Some define it with money, others with power, some others with self-actualisation, family, love and so on.

I define success as:

“each morning when I arise and open my eyes, there is a joy that radiates from my soul and I know… I know…”.

Step One: Always do good

No matter what happens in your life, ALWAYS DO GOOD.

Doing good should be your ONLY response.

Step two: Love, patience and humility

Always practice Love, Patience and Humility in every situation.

Humility being the most important.

Step three: Plan with purpose

The success and failure and of any plan is directly proportionate to the WHY (the purpose).

Stronger the why, stronger the drive to succussed.

Step Four – Just Do

Just count backwards 5…4…3…2…1… Just DO.

Don’t wait another second, start – just do!

It will all workout in the end!