Why does a business need a business plan?

Let’s take the analogy of a plant and compare it to a business.

The plant starts as a seed and a business starts as an idea.



The seed looks so tiny that most of us cannot guess how the tree is going turn out by just looking at the seed.

The healthy outcome for a tree is totally dependent on how the seed is handled, planted and nurtured.



The soil has to be tilled, the seed has to be placed at the right depth, that is not too deep or too shallow and covered with loose soil; that is not too loose or too tight.



Then watered immediately and again and again has to be watered at the right frequency, temperature and quantity.



Once the seed breaks soil it has to be protected from extremes of temperatures, and pests. The pesticides and fertilizers have to be added at the right time and right types and quality and quantity to ensure that the plant grows healthy.



This is an everyday process and goes on for years on end.



Unless you are a farmer, none of the above-mentioned details would be specifically known to you and to grow a plant you would need someone to guide you and give you a plan on how to grow your plant to its full potential.

Similarly, an idea has to go through a sequence of activities to become a business.

Then make revenue, reach breakeven and finally profitability.



Hence the Business Plan provides the idea holder the best way forward.

Giving all the sequence of activities to achieve the full potential of the idea to become a sustainable revenue.


The Plant
Starts as a seed
  • Starts as a seed
  • Find the right location and till the soil
  • Place the seed in soil and water it and protect it
  • Your plant breaks ground
  • Use fertiliser and pesticides
  • Nurture the plant
  • Collect the fruits
  • Protect the tree from damage
  • Collect the seeds from the fruits
The Business
Starts as an idea
  • Starts as an idea
  • Develop the success guaranteed business plan
  • Work out the rollout strategy with day-to-day actions to be taken
  • Get your first experience by prototyping your product or service
  • Plan and execute your soft launch and official launch
  • Baby steps until we achieve break-even
  • Hand hold to achieve sustainable month on month profit
  • Forecast future business opportunities and pivot for growth
  • Repeat from Point 1


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